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The Maya calendar system

The Maya calendar system is a group of calendars that can be combined to make longer cycles.

Mayan calendar round haab tzolkin

The Calendar Round is the Mayan cycle that repeats itself every 52 years. The Calendar Round period is based on the Tzolk'in calendar of 260 days and the Haab' calendar of 365 days.


The Haab' is the Maya version of the 365-day calendar, which approximated the solar year.

Tzolk'in calendar

The Tzolk'in calendar combines a cycle of twenty named days with another cycle of thirteen numbers, to produce 260 unique days.

Long Count calendar

To measure dates over periods longer than 52 years, Mesoamericans devised the Long Count calendar. The Long Count calendar identifies a date by counting the number of days from August 11, 3114 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar or September 6 in the Julian calendar.

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